The Missing Teeth Solution

Missing teeth from the mouth can make it hard to smile. It’s embarrassing to smile when all of the teeth aren’t there when you open your mouth. This can affect the person’s self-esteem and confidence and may cause them to spend more time inside instead of enjoying life with their friends. But, there is no reason to miss out on all of the fun that life offers because you are missing teeth. Dentures are available from the dentist and for many years people who were missing teeth have used this solution. So can you.

Types of Dentures

Partial and full dentures are available. Partial dentures are used when you’re missing one – three teeth and full dentures are used when you’re missing all of the teeth in the mouth. Each type of denture is molded to the person’s mouth for a perfect fit.

Visit a Dentist

Denture Molding in Jacksonville

The first step in getting dentures is to visit the dentist for a consultation. He’ll need to make sure dentures are right for your needs and take a few X-Rays. Then, he’ll conduct Denture Molding in Jacksonville to ensure the dentures fit your mouth perfectly. Next it is placement of the dentures in your mouth. It is simple to get dentures and with them, it is easy to smile again and get out there and enjoy life.

What About Dental Implants?

There is little question that dental implants are an amazing dentures alternative. People love them who can afford them. But, the truth is that they’re expensive and out of the price range for many people. If you can splurge on implants by all means consider them. However they’re not right for everyone and dentures are still there to help you smile again. Dentures cost a fraction of the amount of implants and still enable you to smile beautifully with a full set of teeth.